Monday, November 25, 2019

Sulas break up with Nel, Inevitable essays

Sulas break up with Nel, Inevitable essays Sulas break up with Nel, Inevitable The main character of Toni Morrisons novel Sula, grew up in a household with no real family structure. Although it is suggested in the novel that Sula never intentionally wants to hurt anyone, her lack of love as a child restricts her from forming true relationships with anyone except for her best friend Nel, whom she later betrays as well. Sulas future actions are consequences of her unconventional childhood. Hannah, Sulas mother was very unconventional and she would sleep around with men including married ones. Hannahs attitude toward Sula was indeed motherless, Sula and Hannah never any had emotional exchanges between each other, and she even commented that although she loved Sula, she did not like her. On the day of Hannahs death, Sula merely observed her mother bursting into flames, but did not help her. She watched because she was merely interested. Perhaps it is this estranged tie with her mother that foreshadows future problems in relationships. Sula also turns out to be like her mother, sleeping around with various men, but sees nothing wrong with it. Sula and Nel meet as young girls and instantly became good friends; ten years later after Sulas return to Medallion they become confidents again. Until one day Nel walks in on her husband and Sula having an affair. Nel is hurt and wounded by her husband unfaithfulness and unbelievably shocked by Sulas betrayal. Sula at the same time is shocked by Nels reaction and later remarks that Nel must have no loved her enough because she didnt forgive her. Although Nel was Sulas best friend, she still slept with her husband because she grew up in an unstable home without much guidance from any parents; therefore she did not realized what consequence her actions would bring, she only cared to please her self and lived life to surpass boredom. Yet really, i...

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